The Sims 4 Tiny Town Challenge

The Goal

The aim of this challange is to build 7 tiny homes on one lot, for 7 sims that match their desires and skills. Download my 7 sims off the gallery (username:deligracy) via the #deligracy or #tinytown. Then, download my "Tiny Town lot". Alternatively you can create your own!

You can watch a playthrough of this challenge on my YouTube channel here.

Tiny Town lot can be downloded here

Tiny Town Sims can be downloaded here

The Rundown

How to play 

 Extra Rules and ideas  

The Tiny Town Sims


Beatrice Jam: Skill - Cooking/baking, Decor style: Cottage, Colour: Pink 

Azure Hue: Skill - Painting, Decor style - Contemporary/Boho, Colour - Blue 

Cyprus Handyman: Skill - Woodworking/candlemaking, Decor style - Rustic/Farmhouse, Colour - Orange 

Frank Stem: Skill - Flower arranging/ Gardening, Decor style: Vintage/Garden/Farmhouse, Colour - Green 

Opal Gem: Skill - Jewellery making, Decor Style - Victorian/Storybook, Colour - Purple 

 Annie Aperature: Skill - Photography, Decor Style - Industrial/Minimal, Colour - Red 

 Ziggy Yarn: Skill - Knitting/Crochet, Decor Style - Mid-Century, Colour - Yellow 

Tiny Town Sims can be downloaded here

Final Note

You can watch a playthrough of this challenge on my YouTube channel here.

Just have fun. You can change and bend the rules, sims and lot to whatever you want. The goal is to have a good time! So feel free to go wild!

Starting The Sims 4 TINY TOWN Challenge 🏠💙 Blue #1